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The easiest and quickest way to browse the Italian AIP manual on your iPhone and iPad.

The AIP contains all the information pilots need: rules and laws, fares, routes, airspace classification, airport information, airport charts, instrument and visual approach charts, and more.

Quickly find charts, plates and airports.

Bookmark plates for quick access.

Search NOTAMs by airport, FIR or by entering the flight path.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. No registration needed.

Download on the App Store

Excellent and convenient app, it allows you to consult all the useful charts for pilots.

The AIP always at hand! Really well done.

Simple, fast and essential for a quick consultation of the AIP info!

Perfect app to consult the AIP. Quick and easy.

Great. All the AIP easily searchable offline, plus the NOTAMs of the airports.

Very well done, simple, fast and functional! The ENAV account is not required to access AIP data.

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